At first I wanted to move my Blogger blogs (Jadelovgren.blogspot.com+) to WordPress because WordPress had more functionality. But the thought kept crossing my mind to leave them separate. My blogs on Blogger represent years of me dealing with a trial and the things I focused on. Jadelovgren.com is truly me – from the time of creation and forward; it is me, not me with a trial.

Jadelovgren.com got created in 2015 as a means of having all my focuses (loves) in one place. It is an ever-evolving website and truly WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) but also dynamic. (According to dictionary.com ‘dynamic’ regarding computers: affected by the passage of time.)

Menu options are openings into my life. Things said represent my beliefs. I wrote a book, Peaks and Valleys having never written a book before.

This website makes me ask, “What do I find important?” and the question looks at me more deeply so as to focus on core things that stand out. My goal is to positively influence. I hope something here is valuable and makes a difference for the better.