Avoiding Distractions

The modern world is great but life gets complicated and distracting when it pulls me in several directions. I avoid distractions because they divert me from my goals. (Not having goals is like treading water in place-at least a goal gets me somewhere.) Here are some things I focus on instead of getting distracted:

My Focus:

  • Decide what I want; make plans to get it; do what it takes.
  • Ignore what I don’t want.
  • Trust and believe in good things. It all comes down to my positive or negative attitude.
  • Ponder my strength. Give myself pep talks including “I’m strong” and “I can do it!
  • The more confidence I have the less afraid I am. I avoid things that scare me.
  • How can I not let my love for others show? EVERYONE is great.
  • Do things for them. I never wonder what’s in it for me.
  • No one is perfect. We all need chances to try again in a better way. (I call them do-overs.)
  • Give others freedom from my control. People’s choices are up to them.
  • I’m not responsible for what people do; I just love them. <3
  • “I say what I mean and mean what I say.” I’m real and just me. I’m content and WYSIWYG.
  • “Is that true?” I wonder. Thinking logically let’s me be in control instead of my emotions.

What I Ignore and Avoid: Drama; Unfairness; Fear; Low Self-Esteem; Anxiety; Depression; Excuses; Weakness; Insecurity; Pride & Self-Centeredness; Selfishness (a form of distraction); Addiction; Control; Dishonesty; Ulterior Motives; Inauthenticity; Negativity; Blame.

June 7, 2021