Strive and Be

There are things I want to have and ways I want to be. Just because I don’t have them now or am not that way does it mean it will never happen? No. I can have and be whatever I want if I do all I can to make it so and if it’s meant to be.

I like the phrase “Strive and be.” I’m reminded of another phrase: “Act as if” meaning act as if I already have it or am that way.

Strive to achieve the things I want and, in faith, act as if I already have them. Strive to be the kind of person I want and take the leap of faith to act as if I’m that way already. Declare “I am” and “I have” and then strive for it.

It’s not a matter of living in a fantasy world but of crossing the line of wishful thinking to absolute belief. I might need to convince myself but that’s what pep talks are for-declaring that I DO deserve it, that I AM that way, that I WILL do it and that it IS possible. Pep talks pump me up with resolve, courage, belief and truth. “Strive and be“, “Go and do“, “Act as if“ it’s all the same thing. Leap and the net will appear. Believe.

May 13, 2021