6F816536-D1B4-4DFF-95A3-576894942287My current mantra: Prepare then ‘be’. I prepare myself with characteristics I want to have in my personality then am that way.

Everyone is a teacher that teaches simply by being. What we do says how we are and our example teaches others the truth about us. It’s not enough to say, “I need to do that” because what matters is actually doing it.

Most people these days can see right through the fake to what’s real. How will we know what is true, honest, authentic and real? How will we know that a person means what they say and that they aren’t trying to trick us like a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Wise words say, “By their fruits ye shall know them.” It’s not what we say but what we do that tells who we are.

I’ve heard people say about hard times, “I’m putting my life on hold to tackle this, then when it’s over I’ll go back to being myself.” I say to that comment, “What a lost opportunity to learn and grow!” How sad to go back to my original self.

That person’s comment is fantasy because the truth is that every situation is a part of our life. We don’t put our lives on hold like – my life is over there while I’m over here dealing with this. No! Our life is wherever we are and every situation gives us the opportunity to either learn and grow or not learn and grow and possibly re-experience some form of the situation again.

Life is all about progression; learning and growing from our experiences. The goal of life is to be improved when we die, not be the same. We only have one chance to live life. I say, “Wake up! Live life to its fullest and learn from it. Prepare then ‘be’.”

September 13, 2018