Transcending to Reality

90F7C315-34BD-4BE1-827D-D7E9A75BFD27It’s not about race but goodness, and it’s not about religion but unity. The focus is not ethnicity but one family, and it’s not fault but love. Everything that divides gives us the opportunity to choose, the question is does the choice further divide or bring us together? The choices of life either lead to reality or escape.

The times tell us to choose where we stand and we are put to the test: Are good promises real? Has so much time gone by that now good things are expired? Will some things in the future actually happen?

Higher characteristics can be developed no matter what occurs. We can always work on being our best selves no matter what. (We can practice being good and they’ll just think we’re being nice.) What we do doesn’t matter as much as who we are.

June 13, 2018