Success Achieves Dreams

F2923FCA-635A-4B3F-B35C-8D8E15EA273CWe make our dreams happen. Wishing for it won’t accomplish our dreams but doing all it takes to have it will. Like Jim Rohn said, “We can have more than we’ve got because we can be more than we are.” I love that statement! If the dream requires a skill that we don’t have then we learn the skill, become qualified, and go get it! If we don’t like our life right now then we change it and willingly accept all that comes with the change.

We do what propels us forward. We don’t let fear stop us or look back and settle for the past. We courageously and bravely step into new experiences and know about being steps closer to our goals. Setbacks happen to all of us – they are a part of life, but when setbacks happen we have a choice: Either 1) Go back to before and stop trying, or 2) Be our own advocate and tell ourselves something like, “I wont give up! I’ll see this through and accomplish it! If others have done it before then why can’t I?! I’ve got what it takes! This won’t stop me!” We are determined and believe, “Nothing will stand in the way between me and my goal.”

Success is an attitude and a mindset that everyone must get. No one is born with it or has more opportunity than anyone else; no, we all have the same chance to succeed if we’ll just keep trying and work for it! Success knows no bounds. It doesn’t matter if we’re rich or poor, or from here or there, or have this ancestry or that because everyone can pull them selves up to achieve great things. There’s no limit to what we can accomplish.

Success is the attitude of my family and me. Our inner drive is to find a way and we consistently get what we want. We don’t stop and we never give up; there might be detours that take us on alternate paths, but we never forget our dreams and consider detours as another way to achieve our goals. We all do different things but at the core of each of us is the internal belief in ourselves and the drive to succeed.

May 19, 2018