As of April 1, 2018 the words “Home Teaching” and “Visiting Teaching” are replaced with “Ministering.” The idea to care for one another is still the same but instead of doing what Home and Visiting Teaching have come to be Ministering is to do whatever we think is correct for the ones we watch over. Ministering is turning outward, caring for others like true friends, being there and showing love.

Correct intentions to love become overbearing when the idea becomes what we want to give over what they need. Remember that it’s about them (not us). Therefore, let us read between the lines and do things for them for no other reason than because we feel to do it; they are them and are how they are; give them respect, space and privacy. It’s not up to us to change, force or guilt anyone but to only love.

If we wonder how could I be toward them? just be what we want them to be toward us. If we want something then give it. If we want them to be a certain way toward us then be that way toward them. Whatever it’s called – karma; what goes around comes around – we get what we give.

Ministering implies caring and seems like the phrase “Went about doing good” and that’s the approach we can all take.

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April 5, 2018