Keep In Touch with Her Any Time, Anywhere, Any Way

January 2018

The Visiting Teaching program changed this year in that the Ensign no longer features a “Visiting Teaching Message” but a “Visiting Teaching Principle.” The idea is that we truly “minister” to our sisters and do what they need whether it’s a visit, a phone call or a text, and our ministering isn’t necessarily limited to a once a month visit but being in touch with her as much as she needs.

The underlying message is to turn outward and step outside the busyness of our lives to serve someone else. Jesus always thought of others and helped them. He was kind. He showed mercy. He forgave. He had compassion. And he often counseled us to be the same way through the parables He taught like, Rescuing the lost sheep, Being a Good Samaritan, Forgiving injustices, and Letting our light shine for the world to see.

We want you to know that we, your Visiting Teacher’s, are here for you in whatever you need. If you need a shoulder, if you need to talk, if you need to go get a coke, if you need a meal brought in, if you need a sitter, if you need to get away for lunch, if you need a ride, basically if you need anything let us know. We want to be friends.

We wouldn’t be Visiting Teachers if we didn’t encourage you to do similar things for your sisters. Everyone needs genuine friends, and, as women, it’s our natural gift, right?! Reach out to your sisters and show them they are loved.

President Uchtdorf (former First Presidency Second Counselor) said, “Sisters, wherever you are, whatever your circumstances may be, you are not forgotten. No matter how dark your days may seem, no matter how insignificant you may feel, no matter how overshadowed you think you may be, your Heavenly Father has not forgotten you. In fact, He loves you with an infinite love.”

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