Good Enough

A8C8FD8D-2B3D-46CE-8530-6F47820A24DFMany people in today’s world think they aren’t good enough. They’re not this and they’re not that and basically they’re not. Social media makes it worse as they see seemingly perfect pictures and think now I’m really not! One bad thought leads to more and pretty soon they think I’m not good enough! I’m here to say, “That’s so not true!”

Time for a pep talk: “The world shows an ideal that for some reason we try to be, and no matter how hard we try we always fall short. We tell ourselves to try harder or be more but I’m here to say, “Stop! Be still and take a minute to realize that we ARE everything we think we aren’t.” We are good enough. We deserve. We DO our best and that makes us enough. As of right now we say, “I no longer compare myself to the world’s ideal because I’m me and that’s enough.” Dare to say what we ARE and only tell the truth. CHALLENGE: Ask ourselves is that true? and trust the feelings in our hearts – truth is confirmed, lies aren’t. Only tell yourself the truth – what you are – and leave the not’s behind.”

January 13, 2018