Divine Nature

IMG_3880What are some of the divine qualities of a daughter of God?

  • Faith – Virtue – Knowledge – Temperance – Patience – Goodness – Brotherly Kindness – Charity.
  • Humble – Submissive – Gentle – Easy to be entreated – Long-Suffering – Temperate in all things – Diligent to keep the commandments of God at all times – Ask for whatsoever is needed; both temporal and spiritual – Always return thanks to God for whatsoever things are received – Faith – Hope – Charity – Always abound in good works.
  • Prayer – Repentance – Forgiveness – Respect – Love – Compassion – Work – Wholesome recreational activities.
  • Let virtue garnish thy thoughts unceasingly.”
  • A wife honors marital vows with complete fidelity.
  • A mother loves and cares for her children. She maintains their needs. She teaches them to love and serve one another, to know goodness, and to be law-abiding citizens.

Basically, having Divine Nature is being all things that are good and true. The Savior is all things good and true, so it is being like the Savior. In other words, having a Divine Nature is thinking, seeing, and acting like the Savior would. “…anything that is virtuous, kind, lovely, or of good report, or praiseworthy we seek after these things.”

How can I develop divine characteristics? By building one characteristic at a time within myself.

  1. Read ‘Christlike Attributes’ in Preach My Gospel.
  2. Pick a virtue and set a goal to work on it for a month.
    1. Research the virtue.
    2. Pray for strength from Heavenly Father.
    3. Practice.

December 6, 2017