We Move Forward by Looking Forward

IMG_3874We need to know our history so we know where we came from but we need to forget our history so we don’t live in the past. We don’t move forward by looking back, we move forward by looking forward.

Who am I today?
What do I want to be different about tomorrow?
How am I gonna do that?

(Not “I want to be like I was a year ago” or “I want to accomplish what I did, how can I be like that again?”)

We become the people we want to be by letting previous experiences go and starting from scratch; by looking forward. We’re not really starting from scratch because we have all the knowledge and experience from last time, which has increased our understanding and wisdom. Who we are TODAY is not who we were back then – we’re more today!

We may want to accomplish what we did before but don’t say, “How did I do it back then? I must do it like that.” No! That’s living in the past. We dare being the new us and instead say, “How will I do it today? With what I know today I can do it. I can accomplish the things I want to do with who I am today, and I can do it with Heavenly Father’s help.”

PHILOSOPHICAL THOUGHTS: We tend to live in the past because it’s familiar. The past is what we know and is our comfort zone. But inside the comfort zone is no growth; it’s status quo. We gravitate toward what’s familiar – gravity pulls us down. Faith pulls us up to what we can be. When we put our trust in Heavenly Father and take the leap of faith is when we look forward and say, “I can do it.”

December 6, 2017