Went About Doing Good

IMG_3808The title was said about a very good person. Doing  good is lifting people up and encouraging them in whatever way helps. Can anyone honestly say that they just “Went about doing bad?” Is anyone so miserable that what they do is go about spreading misery? We all have the choice to do good or do bad and I wonder, “What will we choose?”

Think of a person at the end of their rope but hanging on and whatever is said or done causing them to either hold on or let go. We never know what people are dealing with and where they are on the “rope of life.” Let’s go about doing good and be a bright spot in someone’s day.

For the most part, women are behind the scenes workers who quietly go about doing good. They do the fine details – the finishing work, if you will. Life isn’t always roses and sometimes we face storms but women are friends who come to our side, care, help, listen, empathize, and provide a soft shoulder to cry on. They also help us up, dust us off, smile at us, encourage us to keep going, and say “You can do it!” They give cheer, provide comfort, say encouraging words, show love, and gladden hearts. The phrase of a beloved song is so true that “The errand of angels is given to women.”

December 6, 2017