It *Can* Be Done

IMG_3845When moving into my first apartment I really looked forward to having my own things. One time I stood in the kitchen thinking that’s *my* dish drainer and those are *my* dishes. Doesn’t everyone think something like that when they get out on their own? (That’s mine, I can do what *I* want!) No more childhood control but freedom to metaphorically spread my wings and fly!

I knew what I wanted and was glad to have the chance to make things happen. I had faith in myself and went forward to make my dreams come true. The future was bright and was an empty canvas waiting for me to paint my life into something great!

I imagine talking to and encouraging my friend (and, to me, everyone is my friend :) )

Pursue your dreams no matter what happens because you can have what you work for. (Always keep your dream in your mind and work toward it and never give up! [Maybe you’ll do something else for a while but look on the bright side that it’s helping you get a step or steps closer to getting what you want.]) Life may cause you to take detours in getting your plans but believe that one day you’ll have them.

My words to you aren’t fantasy and unrealistic but are hopeful and inspire belief that you can do it – have it – be it, so go for it! Someone achieves their dreams so why not let that someone be you? Someone reaches success and I say that it’s you. Everyone famous started out as a regular person and do you know what caused them to achieve their dreams? They never forgot about them and always believed they’d get them … even if “someday.”

Everything they did got them a step or steps closer to getting what they wanted; achieving their goals. They had a plan for their life and never said “oh well” and gave up, but kept going and accomplished what they set out to do. Failure didn’t stop them. Negativity and doubt didn’t stop them. People who couldn’t see them getting it didn’t stop them. Nothing stopped them and one day they got what they wanted.

The great thing is that their tenacity to never give up shaped them into continually having success. They didn’t just stop when getting their first goal but succeeded again and again and again. Look at George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Walt Disney, they succeeded multiple times. Remember people who achieved their dreams and consider yourself one of them. You’ve got what it takes to do it.

November 1, 2017