Defending Against Hidden Intentions

IMG_3522A great lesson was taught by Neil Andersen:

“Working as a special agent for the FBI, my friend investigated organized crime groups transporting illegal drugs into the United States.

“On one occasion, he and another agent approached an apartment where they believed a known drug dealer was distributing cocaine. My friend describes what happened:

“‘We knocked on the door of the drug dealer. The suspect opened the door, and upon seeing us, tried to block our view. But it was too late; we could see the cocaine on his table.

“‘A man and a woman who were at the table immediately began removing the cocaine. We had to prevent them from destroying the evidence, so I quickly pushed the drug suspect who was blocking the door to the side. As I pushed him, my eyes met his. Strangely, he did not appear angry or afraid. He was smiling at me.

“‘His eyes and disarming smile gave me the impression that he was harmless, so I quickly left him and started to move toward the table. The suspect was now behind me. At that instant, I had the distinct, powerful impression come into my mind: “Beware of the evil behind the smiling eyes.”

“‘I immediately turned back toward the suspect. His hand was in his large front pocket. Instinctively I grabbed his hand and pulled it from his pocket. Only then did I see, clutched in his hand, the semiautomatic pistol ready to fire. A flurry of activity followed, and I disarmed the man.’ …

“… The Holy Ghost warned my friend of physical danger; the Holy Ghost will also warn you of spiritual danger”

One of the things our intuition does is warn us to “Beware.” Sometimes people have ulterior motives for what they do. They might smile and say what they want us to hear but really they mean something else. We can know the truth of people’s words by listening to the intuition in our hearts and minds. We might think this feels good or maybe our heart tells us something doesn’t feel right and we need to trust our feelings.

“I testify that as we come unto the Holy One of Israel, His Spirit will come upon us, that we may be filled with joy and receive a remission of sins and peace of conscience. Heavenly Father has given each of us the capacity to become holy. May we do our best to keep our covenants and take the Holy Ghost as our guide. With faith in Jesus Christ, we become saints through His Atonement, that we may receive immortality and eternal life and give God our Father the glory due His name. May our lives ever be a sacred offering, that we may stand before the Lord in the beauty of holiness.” 

September 2017