We Support Each Other

IMG_3368I watched a 28:47 minute clip on YouTube of a group of women (Queen Latifa, Jada Pinket Smith, Monica, Mary J. Blige, Niecy Nash, Dee Rees, Kristi Henderson) interviewed by Tamron Hall. It was at the 2017 Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana and behind the women on stage it said “Empowerment Experience.” I loved the positive and hopeful way each woman spoke and I loved how real each of them were-that their experiences led them to where they were now, but that their experiences didn’t define them.

One of the things I appreciated was how they spoke about the reality of their lives before becoming famous (grew up poor, came from humble beginnings, witnessed terrible things, suffered, faced many trials) and they didn’t pretend their past didn’t exist, because that’s most of us but we want to overcome and triumph and be successful, too! The thing I loved most was that their bad experiences didn’t stop them from succeeding in life. I loved how Niecy Nash talked about how fear and bad things didn’t stop her-she might have cried all the way there but then she touched up her makeup, put a smile on her face and did what she needed to do; it reminds me of a book called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.

I love how a group of like-minded women got together to be empowered. I love that one of the women said we need to support each other’s success. I agree! We need to support each other instead of being jealous and know that them having something doesn’t mean I can’t have it, too! We can all have success-we all have the ability to succeed if we’ll just try-and try-and try…no matter what. No matter what obstacles we face -or what life throws at us, or where we came from, or where we are now- we have the ability within us to triumph and overcome and succeed and have our goals, hopes and dreams if we’ll just do what it takes to get them and not stop until we have them!

We all like to be part of the group. We like friends and family and it feels nice to be included. Looking around this world I see many groups from blacks, whites, latinos, and indians, to Americans, Vietnamese, IraniansĀ and Pacific Islanders, to Australians, Africans, Europeans and Asians, to Republicans, Democrats, Socialists and Communists, to Mormons, Catholics, Muslims and Athiests. And I see division between groups-some blacks and whites don’t want to associate, some Republicans and Democrats don’t want to work together, some governments don’t want to get along, and some religions don’t want to see another’s point of view.

We like groups but we’re divided-whether it’s the color of our skin, our location, who our ancestors were or what we believe. I like unity and want to be friends with everyone. We may be different but I like to know how we’re alike and relate. To me, a difference is just something for me to understand and respect. Diversity brings uniqueness to life-how boring if we were all the same! Knowing about others doesn’t change who I am…but it lets us be friends!

Some of the ways we’re the same (and what I focus on) are: 1-We’re all women; 2-We have similar experiences (love, growing from child to adult, motherhood, marriage, work-not the kind but that we do, loss, grief, trials) 3-We can all succeed, triumph and overcome; 4-We can be our best selves. Let’s focus on how we’re alike and build a global sisterhood.

August 25, 2017