More than 20 years in Corporate America is where I did technical work and helped people. I loved solving problems and doing my best at every task. In 2008 a severe illness overtook me and caused me to quit working permanently; that year found me looking at walls and wondering “What do I do now?” I went from being extremely busy to doing nothing but sitting and no longer having important work or abilities. Five months after getting sick, medication helped me to the point of being able to use my computer once again (albeit much more slowly and clumsily) and I had contact with the outside world. But now I was different and my skills and job were gone. The “old me” was fresh in my mind and I wanted my life back; I didn’t want the “new me” and neither did my family or friends.

The task was deciding what to do with my time since no longer working. The idea of using my time wisely led me to create eight blogs on blogspot, each one a personal love, where I could devote my time. ‘Jade’s Musings” became my voice along the journey of me dealing with my new life. In 2015 I felt bored (blogspot was mastered) so this website ( got created on WordPress to give me something new to learn. (I knew nothing about WordPress but was happy to learn a new system and that all my loves would be in one place.) Working in the corporate world was what I did but it wasn’t the only thing I did, I have other loves, too.

One of my great loves is personal development, and it’s been that way all my life but especially since the 1980’s. I love people, and understanding why we (I) do things has been my journey for years that has caused me to attend many seminars, do several courses, read a myriad of books, and attend countless lectures. Each thing has taught me and I’ve learned and understood. My estimation is that learning, understanding and evolving can happen in any circumstance.

Another of my great loves is religion and I’ve studied a considerable amount of things since the 1980’s. I love my church and respect other churches. (We may have different beliefs but I focus on how we’re alike and want to be friends.) I love studying, learning, and understanding and it’s been my great opportunity to study, learn and understand a substantial amount since being sick. Again, my estimation is that learning, understanding and evolving can happen in any circumstance.

Since being sick much personal learning and growing has occurred to where when looking back I see myself as being nowhere near the person I was before. I’ve learned an endless amount of things-too many to name. (Learning and understanding are my biggest drives of all, I love learning new things and knowing “Why?”) One of the biggest things I’ve learned is to trust the Lord; surely, I know that His guidance, love, and encouragement have been in my mind since being a young girl. I want to share what I know with everyone because my goal is to positively impact people.

My creativity and natural talent for writing have led me to write several books in the last few years, as well as produce various poems and keep over 25 journals throughout my lifetime; what I know is primarily shared through my writings.

Life for me has turned from focusing on the physical world to focusing on the spiritual. I’m concerned with the condition of the inner-self and share what I believe it takes to be happy. Everyone decides their own life’s outcome and I will never say, “You must do this” but I offer my thoughts and hope my words are considered. Think of me as a personal cheerleader who says, “Keep going, you can do it! You’re stronger than you think. Dream big and believe that when you give your all, getting your dreams is possible. Never stop trying: When the horse bucks you off get back on…don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing he conquered you and triumphed. It’ll all work out in the end. I believe in you.