The Master Healer

November 2016

My love for Visiting Teaching caused me to “pick a talk from General Conference” and write my thoughts. Carole M. Stephens (First Counselor in the Relief Society General Presidency) gave a wonderful talk at the October 2016 General Woman’s Conference called “The Master Healer.” She mentioned how when unsavory or unfair things happen to us many women suffer in silence, but we can lay our burdens at the feet of the Lord and He will comfort us and be our forever friend. In her talk she mentioned three things the Master Healer does which are:

  • First, the Savior, the Master Healer, has the power to change our hearts and give us permanent relief from the sorrow caused by our own sin.
  • Second, the Master Healer can comfort and strengthen us when we experience pain because of the unrighteous actions of others.
  • Third, the Master Healer can comfort and sustain us as we experience painful “realities of mortality,” such as disaster, mental illness, disease, chronic pain, and death.

The Savior comforted me at the beginning of my illness-before knowing what I had. All kinds of debilitating things happened to me for four months to the point that doing anything I loved could no longer be done by me. I was scared because I didn’t know what was happening and neither did any doctor. At a young forty years old the reality of leaving behind my husband and two sons hit me as I thought I might die. One afternoon I lay on my bed contemplating the possible reality of my death when a thought entered my mind that changed my thinking. The thought was it could be worse. I asked myself how? and more thoughts entered my mind which caused me to shift my thinking from dying to thinking about how it could be worse.

I have problems with my eyesight but can still see and don’t have to face this trial in darkness. I have trouble walking but can still walk without a cane, walker or wheelchair I thought and it caused me to think logically. True I thought and felt grateful that my situation wasn’t worse! The words in my mind were no matter what I face it could always be worse and the thought gave me hope that somehow things would be okay.

Things were okay even though my disease greatly affected my life and turned my reality upside down in a every way. I learned about having MS, and as a result of taking much time off from work (including using all my vacation and sick time) I had to quit my job. My disability and great lack of energy meant me needing to permanently use handicap parking. And the fact of my husband taking over many of my roles took years before gracefully accepting it.

It has taken me and my family the passage of time to adjust to our “new normal.” Somehow, time and vaguely remembering the old me make it okay. Many experiences over the years have caused me to look at my thoughts or feelings and decide about wanting to still think or feel them. Also, many thoughts over the years have challenged my beliefs and have caused me to look at life in a different way.

I’ve had MS for eight years now and when looking back can clearly see how the Lord comforted me when my mind was troubled. Sister Stephens’ point “Third, the Master Healer can comfort and sustain us as we experience painful “realities of mortality,” such as disaster, mental illness, disease, chronic pain, and death” touches me because I know it’s true. The Savior comforted me at a time when I was scared. I know He comforts us and is our everlasting friend. I’m thankful for the Master Healer who comforts us and heals our soul.

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