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May 13 to June 7 click here
*Communicating Well
*Strive and Be
*Beauty from Ashes
*Focusing on What I Want

March 5 to May 13 click here
*Deserving Better
*Anxiety and Depression Can be Overcome
*Action Is Greater Than Fear
*Telling People We Love Them

March 5 to March 25 click here
* Parallels
* Improving My Character
* Why Improve?
* New Normal (My Poetry)

January 5 to March 5 click here
*Relating to Others
*Endure, Even in Times of Trial
*Expressing Feelings

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December 7 to 2021 January 5 click here
*Insecurity and Shyness
*Where Is My Focus?
*Be Good, Why Not?
*The Definition of an Artist (My Poetry)

October 29 to December 7 click here
* You’re Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link
* Choose Being an Eagle
* Aspire Higher
* Not Different but Alike

October 12 to October 29 click here
* What Is Letting Go?
* Pondering
* Covid-19 Craziness
* Alternative Ways of Living

September 01 to October 12 click here
* Faith to Move Mountains
* Be True
* Not Just Striving but Achieving
* Arise and Shine

July 07 to September 01 click here
* Trusting in Truth
* When the Time is Right
* Resuming Life After COVID-19
* Learning to Live with It

May 29 to July 07 click here
* Everyone Is Good
* Change of Focus
* True Character
* Do, or do not. There is no try

May 14 to May 29 click here
* Quarantine, Was it a Hard Trial?
* New Times Ahead
* Judge or Accept?
* Trusting in Good Outcomes

May 06 to May 14 click here
* Faith
* As a Child
* Selfish?
* True Friend

April 18 to May 06 click here
* It Doesn’t Matter
* Reconfirmed
* Stop the Insanity
* No More Fear

April 07 to April 18 click here
* A Great Group of Leaders
* Swimming Upstream
* Listening to My Heart
* Directed to Find Answers

March 27 to April 07 click here
* Faith Outshines Fear
* I Can Do It!
* Society IS Functioning
* A Good, Better or Best Frame of Mind

March 20 to March 27 click here
* We Are Strong
* Who Am I?
* Faith in Humanity
* Words of Resolve

March 11 to March 20 click here
* Feeling Peace Once Again
* Lashing Out Is Always Something Else
* Money
* We Will Not Be Duped

February 17 to March 11 click here
* Knowing the Truth
* Daring to Believe
* It Describes Us
* Blessings for My Sisters

January 31 to February 17 click here
* Stomach of Steel
* How I Want to Be Seen
* Doing What It Takes
* A Challenge

December 07 to January 31 click here
* Asking and Receiving
* Keep Going and Achieve
* Understanding Freedom
* Dream Big and See the Big Picture

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November 05 to December 07 click here
*No Ego
*Embracing Goodness

September 21 to November 05 click here
*Overcoming Hard Things
*Determination to Win
*Enduring Refinement
*The Perfect Balance

August 03 to September 21 click here
*Everyone Pays Their Dues
*Smart, Confident and Aware
*Accomplishments Even Amid Challenges
*Good Thoughts

July 13 to August 03 click here
*Reaching Up
*Seeing The Best in Others
*Goodness Is Possible

June 30 to July 13 click here
*The Land of Possibilities
*Happiness and Good Deeds
*Managing Feelings

May 11 to June 30 click here
*Never Ending Hope
*Dare to Be Exceptional
*Choosing Only Goodness
*Consciously Aware

March 05 to May 11 click here
*Direct Life
*Second Chances
*Everyone Has a Story

January 29 to March 05 click here
*Strong Faith

January 26 to January 29 click here
*Change (Improve)
*Make a Difference
*Share Goodness
*Back to the Basics

January 09 to January 26 click here
*Just Being Me
*Say What Is
*Fantasy or Faith?

December 28, 2018 to January 09 click here
*Focusing On What’s in My Power
*The Word “Peace”

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December 12 to December 28 click here
*Derailed or Not?
*Dear Everyone
*Complete Peace
*Fear Not

November 20 to December 12 click here
*Good People
*Hope Overcomes Fear
*Doing the Best I Can

November 05 to November 20 click here
*A New Leaf
*Not Intimidated
*Goodness Is Possible in a Troubled World

October 22 to November 05 click here
*Saturday’s Warrior
*We Know Who We Are
*Focusing on Goodness

October 05 to October 22 click here
*Façade: The World
*The Greatest Goal

September 13 to October 05 click here
*Trials and Adversity

August 25 to September 13 click here
*Money: The Test
*Why Wealthy People Have Money
*Giving All

August 04 to August 25 click here
*What If?
*Giving and Getting the Best
*”Dare” Letter

July 31 to August 04 click here
*Which Side?
*Doing Our Part
*How to Be Happy
*The Small Things

July 16 to July 31 click here
*What Is Wanted
*Simple Truths
*His Strength Is Made Perfect in Weakness
*Earning Our Dreams

June 27 to July 16 click here
*Awesome App
*What It Is

June 19 to June 27 click here
*Effects of Negative Thoughts
*Men’s Hearts Will Fail Them
*Stronger Than We Think
*Achieving Our Dreams

June 13 to June 19 click here
*Transcending to Reality
*The Barrier Protects
*Where to Go for Answers
*Receiving Immediate Help

June 02 to June 13 click here
*Time Management: Proactive Scheduling
*For Next Time
*Moses or Jesus?

May 19 to June 02 click here
*The One and Only Way
*Success Achieves Dreams
*Say What Is (Not What Isn’t)
*What Is a Girl?

May 07 to May 19 click here
*According to Faith
*Holiness is Holiness
*Changing the Word
*What is a Husband?

April 18 to May 07 click here
*What is a Wife?

April 05 to April 18 click here
*What is a Boy?

March 25 to April 05 click here
*Cloud of Darkness

February 28 to March 25 click here
*Doing Things
*The Impossible Dream

February 08 to February 28 click here
*Fear Not
*Striving for the Ideal
*Vitamins for the Mind

January 31 to February 08 click here
*Daring to be Us
*Difference Between Success and Non-Success
*Four Question to Ponder

January 13 to January 31 click here
*We All Have Gifts and Talents
*Good Enough
*Clarity and Understanding
*One More Step

December 27, 2017 to January 13 click here
*People’s Choices
*My Sister, My Friend
*Personal Progress

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December 06 to December 27 click here
*Went About Doing Good
*Divine Nature
*We Move Forward By Looking Forward
*You Can Do It

November 01 to December 06 click here
*It *Can* Be Done
*The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree
*Increased Compassion
*Everything I Needed to Know About Life I Learned From Noah’s Ark

October 21 to November 01 click here
*Defending Against Super Bad People
*Difficult Challenges
*Something to Think About

October 14 to October 21 click here
*Just as We Are
*Time Heals All Wounds
*Defending Against Oppression
*Encouraging Words

September 26 to October 14 click here
*Burdens Made Light
*Prosperity in Righteousness
*Now or Wait?
*Inspiring Memes

September 11 to September 26 click here
*God Makes it Better
‘Eeeeerk’ or Not?
*People Are Responsible for Their Choices
*A Few Memes and Funnies

August 25 to September 11 click here
*Nurturing Love
*We Support Each Other
*We’re All Pumpkins

August 02 to August 25 click here
*Miracles Today
*A Few Quotes I Love

July 18 to August 02 click here
*Safety is in the Solid
*Faith Precedes the Miracle
*The Tale of Two Wolves

June 30 to July 18 click here
*For My Sisters
*Like a Mom
*Step Up
*The Race

June 08 to June 30 click here
*By Divine Design
*Come Unto Jesus
*The Common Law of Life

April 05 to June 08 click here
*Soul-searching Questions
*Being Holy
*Family Love
*The Ant Philosophy

January 25 to April 05 click here
*The Purpose of Life
*Life Is Messy Not Perfect

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November 13 to January 25, 2017 click here
*Life’s Two Goals
*The Purpose of Weaknesses
*More Holiness Give Me
*It Shows on Your Face

August 12 to November 13 click here
*The True War
*Inspiration for Those Striving
*Ask a Busy Person
*Donkey in the Well

June 27 to August 12 click here
*Being a Peculiar Person
*Forgiveness and Letting Go
*Believing in Future Happenings
*Today’s Inspiration

May 31 to June 27 click here
*‘Mistakes’ Don’t Determine Life
*My Theory:Why Organized Religion is Rejected
*When It’s Hot, It’s Hot

April 25 to May 31 click here
*Good or Evil
*My Car
*My Weakness
*It Makes Me Laugh

April 11 to April 25 click here
*God Is Not a Genie
*Never Give Up on Anyone
*Truth: Not Hiding
*Drinking Water

March 10 to April 11 click here
*The Great Equalizer
*Logical Thinking
*Found on Social Media

February 24 to March 10 click here
*The Two Are Unanimous
*Change Your Life and Everything Changes

February 13 to February 24 click here
*Truth: Appearance
*Step Back
*We All Want Love
*Funny Valentines Day Cards

February 05 to February 13 click here
*It’s Better to be Strong
*Unfairness Doesn’t Matter
*Everyone Chooses
*Go! Go! Go!

January 14 to February 05 click here
*Will vs. Did
*Health, Holiness
*Be Still
*Too Funny

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December 05 to January 14, 2016 click here
*It Is What It Is
*Evenly Yoked
*Don’t be a Hypocrite

November 26 to December 05 click here
*I’m an Advocate for Marriage
*The Goal Requires All
*Thoughts Become Things
*On the Way to Brazil

November 17 to November 26 click here
*I Never Said I Was Perfect
*Controlling My Time
*My Favorite Joke

November 05 to November 17 click here
*Being My Best Self (Higher Self)
*Stress Affects Me
*The Firecracker

October 29 to November 05 click here
*Attracting the Open Minded
*Easy and Light
*Having Money is Okay
*To Make Your Day

October 23 to October 29 click here
*See People As He Sees Them
*True Friend
*Opposition in All Things
*When You’re Tired – You’re Tired

October 15 to October 23 click here
*Truth #1: Love
*Teach Good Things
*Invest in Progress
*Come What May and Love It

September 24 to October 15 click here
*Hawaii 2015
*Looks Don’t Matter But Character
*My Addiction

August 24 to September 24 click here
*Love & Accept
*I -Am- Nice
*Two Funny Things

August 17 to August 24 click here
*Slow Down
*Light of the World
*Funny Rancher Story

August 10 to August 17 click here
*Fascinated Not Frustrated
*Family Bonds
*If It’s the Right Time Then Laugh!
*Real Not Fake

July 31 to August 10 click here
*Be Optimistic
*Only Telling Myself the Truth
*Let This Be Me