Obedient Son

January 2015

Dear Sister,

The entire VT message this month is awesome!

Elder Holland (Apostle) said, “… Obedience is the first law of heaven.”

Elder Christofferson (Apostle) said, “As we walk in obedience to the principles and commandments of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we enjoy a continual flow of blessings promised by God …”

Elder Bednar (Apostle) said, “Can the spiritual strength that results from consistent obedience to the commandments be given to another person? The clear answer is … No.”

Some commandments are hard to keep. I think when we’re tempted to be disobedient or to not keep a commandment we need to step back and remember a couple things:

  • We are spiritual beings who know Heavenly Father. He wants to bless us and will do it when we do what He says.
  • Eternity is important to remember. We lived in heaven long before coming to earth. It’s easy to get wrapped up in this life because we live it-it’s real-we can see it, but we need to remember that eternity is much longer than this life and it’s real, too. We need to be true to what we promised Heavenly Father (that we’d obey Him and qualify to live with Him again.)

The ultimate goal is to become like Heavenly Father and master our carnal selves.

“And we will prove them herewith, to see if they will do all things whatsoever the Lord their God shall command them; And they who keep their first estate shall be added upon; and they who keep not their first estate shall not have glory in the same kingdom with those who keep their first estate; and they who keep their second estate shall have glory added upon their heads for ever and ever.”

When I think of this scripture in Abraham it reminds me that I said, “I will” to Heavenly Father and now is my chance to prove it-to do it-to show it by my actions-to do what is truly in my heart. (If it’s not in my heart, He knows it. But I can repent and change. What hope – that I don’t always have to be the way I am now! “No one can sink below Christ’s atonement.” -Jeffrey R. Holland.) The thing I love is that Heavenly Father’s promises are to everyone-not just to some people. Anyone who does what God says, will be blessed-it’s a fact. We don’t need to come from a certain family or have a certain background, but just obey Him.  Our resolve: We’ll trust Him and believe His promises are sure.

The message asks the question, “What are some examples of obedience in the scriptures?” and in answering there are too many to name! But here are a few examples:

  • All the prophets were obedient.
  • Most stories in the scriptures highlight obedience and say what happened because of it.
  • Adam and Eve obediently left the garden to live in the world because they knew it was better to leave the garden so that man might be. (They knew that by transgressing God’s law they couldn’t live in the garden but knew it was worth it because they could multiply and replenish the earth).
  • Adam obediently built an altar and gave sacrifices. He didn’t know why other than that God told him to do it.
  • Abraham obediently went to Egypt and lived in Pharaoh’s home even though Pharaoh coveted his wife.
  • Abraham obeyed God when God told him to sacrifice his son, Isaac.
  • Moses obediently  led the Israelites to the Red Sea even though Pharaoh’s guards pursued them.
  • God told Moses to speak and Moses obeyed – even though he was “slow of speech”, because he knew God would make his words understood by the people.
  • Mary obediently submitted to God’s will. She said, “Behold, the handmaiden of the Lord. Be it unto me according to thy will.”
  • Paul obediently  taught the people about Jesus Christ, even though he once persecuted Christians.
  • Nephi obediently  went back to Jerusalem because he had faith that they’d get the Plates of Brass.
  • The sons of Mosiah went on a mission to the Lamanites even though the Lamanites hated Nephites (which they were.) The Sons of Mosiah knew their missionary efforts would bring some of the Lamanites to believe in Jesus Christ and they obeyed the feelings they had in their hearts to be missionaries.
  • Alma and Amulek obediently taught in Ammonihah.
  • Joseph Smith obediently founded The Church, and led the saints amid persecution.
  • The pioneers obeyed the Prophet and went to the west.

It seems like the more faith one has the more obedient they are.

We love you,
Jade and Taleen

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