Long-Suffering and Patient

March 2015

Dear Sister,

I love that President Uchtdorf (Second Counselor in the First Presidency) said, “Patience is not passive resignation, nor is it failing to act because of our fears. Patience means active waiting and enduring. It means staying with something … even when the desires of our hearts are delayed. Patience is not simply enduring; it is enduring well!”

and he also said, “Patience means accepting that which cannot be changed and facing it with courage, grace, and faith. It means being ‘willing to submit to all things which the Lord seeth fit to inflict upon [us], even as a child doth submit to his father’. Ultimately, patience means being ‘firm and steadfast, and immovable in keeping the commandments of the Lord’  every hour of every day, even when it is hard to do so.”

From President Uchtdorf’s first statement (in my own words): Enduring isn’t the goal but enduring well. From President Uchtdorf’s second statement (again, in my own words): Patience is accepting what can’t be changed and facing it with courage, grace, and faith. To me, one statement is about patience (waiting) and the other statement is about long-suffering (as long as it takes), and I think patience and long-suffering are different. Whether, patience and long-suffering are different or not doesn’t matter but that we’re willing to wait for as long as it takes.

I love the scripture story in the Bible that tells about the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ clothes and was instantly healed. It says she had an issue of blood for twelve years – can you imagine having an issue of blood for that long?!! What patience. She knew if she just touched his clothes she would be healed – what faith.

I hope to have endurance and faith like her. I know in my heart that Heavenly Father will help us when we pray to Him for help. It’s hard to wait, especially in this day and age when technology makes us want things right now! But Heavenly Father will help us be patient for as long as it takes when we turn to him.

Jesus knows what patience is. Think of the picture of him standing at the door then consider the caption that says “Behold, I stand at the door and knock.” He waits for as long as it takes for us to open the door of our hearts and let him in.

I’m not sure that patience and long-suffering can be perfectly acquired in this life, but we can surely always acquire more than we currently have. President Uchtdorf’s statements, the example of the woman with the issue of blood, and the example of Jesus at the door all encourage me to endure things well for as long as it takes, and we hope it’s a reminder for you, too.

We love you,
Jade and Taleen

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