Forgiving and Merciful

July 2015

Dear Sister,

Consider this: Our goal is to have eternal life. To have that, we need to be like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ – have holy attributes in our character. We can’t achieve perfection in this earthly life but we can be striving and progressing. At the final judgment we won’t say we’ve perfectly achieved what he asked us to become (perfect) but we’ll say we’re better than before. And as we stand before the judgment bar of God, Jesus Christ will stand between us and Heavenly Father and say, “Forgive them and have mercy, they’re trying the best they can.” But he’ll only say that if we’re truly trying.

Charts help me understand visually:

Judge Don’t Forgive

·         Have a Grudge

·         Don’t Forget

·         Hold it Against Them

Judge Show No Mercy

·         Tolerate

·         Classify


Love Forgive
Love Show Mercy

It’s hard to forgive and show mercy to others when they don’t forgive and show mercy to us, but as we step back and see the big picture of eternity we realize that the way we are is what matters. We want to emulate our Savior who is love. To do this we need to forgive and show others mercy – even when they don’t show it to us. President Monson (Prophet), President Uchtdorf (Second Counslor in the First Presidency), and the story of the prodigal son all make good points on the attached Visiting Teaching message.

Let’s hold each other up as we walk in holiness along the path that leads to Heavenly Father and our Savior.

We love you,
Jade and Taleen

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