Visiting Teaching

visiting-teachingI love the Visiting Teaching program in my church! When a girl member turns 18 she is automatically a part of the Relief Society organization and is assigned two visiting teachers. The task of visiting teachers is to visit all their assigned sisters each month, talk with them, help them, be their friend, and share a spiritual message. What woman doesn’t like to talk, receive help, have friends, and hear inspiring things? They all do! Visiting Teaching is just one more reason I love being a woman. :)

Every month in the Ensign (The Church’s magazine) is a spiritual message to share with our sisters (except for May and November when we pick a talk from General Conference to share.) The idea is to read the message ourselves and then relay to our sisters what we think will benefit them the most.

You know me, I’m a contemplative person and have something to say about almost everything! In 2012 it took a lot of energy for me to talk and also I didn’t like my voice. I wanted to do my visiting teaching but decided to write my thoughts instead of say them and asked my companion to read my thoughts for me when it was my month to share the message. For almost a year my companion read my messages, but in October 2012 I began reading my messages myself.

In 2015 I continued to say my own messages but also wrote them and gave my thoughts and a copy of the Ensign’s VT message to each sister. (I wrote my thoughts to save my sister from hearing me ramble on and on!) I like to think about the message after reading it and write what I think (plus, my memory is lousy so writing my thoughts insures I wouldn’t forget and just say “dohhhhh” when it’s my turn to share. :) ) The following are my messages:

2015 (Divine Attributes of Jesus Christ):
January: Obedient Son
March: Long-Suffering and Patient
May: (General Conference) We’ll Ascend Together
July: Forgiving and Merciful
September: Powerful and Full of Glory
November: (General Conference) Behold Thy Mother

2016 (The Family: A Proclamation to the World):
January: (Special) Fourteen Fundamentals in Following the Prophet
March: Created in the Image of God 
May: (General Conference) Always Retain a Remission of Your Sins 
July: Our Potential for Parenthood 
September: Parenthood Is a Sacred Duty 
November: (General Conference) The Master Healer 

2017 (The Purpose of Relief Society)
January: The Purpose of Relief Society
March: Enablng Power of Jesus Christ and His Atonement
May: (General Conference) The Power of the Book of Mormon
July: That They May Be One
September: Of One Heart
November: (General Conference) The Voice of the Lord

January: Keep In Touch with Her Any Time, Anywhere, Any Way
April: Caring

February 2015