Invest in Progression

progression1A piece of mentoring advice I heard was to Invest in Yourself. The advice that helped my mentor was to invest 10% to tithing and 10% to the personal development of themselves. What I hear is “Give” – give to others and give to myself.

To me, it’s not just about money. If the goal is to have more happiness then invest in what teaches having happiness. If the goal is to have contentment then invest in what teaches having contentment. It’s about expanding the mind and expanding who I can become. Life is about progression and I show my progress by what my character has acquired.

I can replace money, happiness, or contentment with other wants. When is success achieved? My answer is that, to me, success is learning and there’s always more to know. I always strive to learn. Learning is a mindset, it’s who I am. It’s not enough to say “I have success, so check” then never develop more success. No! Learning is a life long process, and acquiring success is the journey.

October 15, 2015