font awesome starOptimism

Truly, the way life is viewed is the way it is. In the words of Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” Why not consider the best instead of the worst? What could it hurt to see the good instead of the bad? Here’s the truth: “It will all work out.” I say, “Enjoy life!

font awesome circle up arrowCourage

To me, courage and guts have the same meaning. It takes guts and courage to:

  1. Face it head on
  2. Take control
  3. Take the lead
  4. Stand up
  5. Be brave
  6. Say “no”
  7. Many more things…

Here’s the truth: Everyone has guts. I say, “Go for it!

font awesome circle right arrowDiligence

There’s something to be said about not giving up, not quitting, and seeing it through to the end. Having diligence requires having a goal so that persistence is accomplished. Some people never start because they don’t want to do it wrong. If you don’t start you can never finish. Getting on the path is more important than getting on the supposedly “right” path. Here’s the truth: A different path can be chosen. I say, “Start-change paths if necessary-and don’t stop until it’s done!

font awesome lightning boltResolve

When I think of resolve I think of determination. The determined child doing all these following things at the same time comes to my mind, they: stomp their foot, show a stern look on their face, have a straight arm along their side, clench their fist, and say I WILL. What determination! I believe them! Here’s the truth: It can be done. I say, “Do it!

font awesome heartEndurance

It’s the finishing that matters. When all is said and done, what’s important is getting there! Endurance leads to the celebration that says, “I did it!” Endurance is taking the journey, going to the finish line, and striving. Endurance says, “Don’t stop” and “Keep going”. Many people think ‘I can’t do it so why even try’, but here’s the truth: They can. I say, “Try!

July 2015