I love to write and have something to say about almost everything. I’ve been writing since 10 years old and my shelf has over 25 journals. I love what is physically read (paper, sticky notes, cards, books) so I guess you could call me “old school.” After getting sick with MS something happened to me (that I considered a great tragedy!), but it eventually became a great blessing.

The great tragedy: For years I loved my handwriting but after getting sick was very bummed to lose the ability to hand write in a pretty way. I didn’t journal for about eight months because of my handwriting but one day decided to attempt journaling in an online program. For a few days I wrote online and loved it! I loved changing my words when thinking of something better to say and I loved the easiness of online journaling.  My journaling resumed electronically and one day the realization hit me that hand writing wasn’t what I missed but expressing myself.

The great blessing: I still love paper and physical books and handwritten notes but know that the important thing isn’t the way we communicate but that we do. For years (and various reasons) I wouldn’t dare call myself a writer but writing is one of my natural gifts. I happily proclaim the enjoyment of expressing myself through the following works and hope they have a positive impact.

Peaks and Valleys
My Poetry

February 2015