The older me says what I don't like. I condoned far more things in my earlier life. Now, I say what I don't like and it doesn't matter if it's accepted. Thankfully, my list of objections isn't long. It's not realistic to only like things. Let's face it, I don't like some things and I'm not afraid to say it.


I ate cooked green peppers for years but won't do it now. I'm putting my foot down...no more! Raw green peppers are fine, but cooked green peppers - blech!

Why are cooked red peppers used as fillers for certain frozen foods? Do people actually enjoy the slimy peppers or do they just endure them? Again, the raw peppers are fine (they taste nice), but if a frozen product includes red peppers I won't buy it.

Raw red onions are awful. Who wants to smell like onions? Cooked red onions are tasty and I enjoy them. But when ordering a salad I say, "No onions, please."

I'm Orderly

I won't go as far as putting things in alphabetical order, but I despise disorganization. For goodness sake if you use it ... put it back! There's nothing worse than going to get something and it's not there.

When crumbs are on the floor, they get on my feet! (Where's the broom?) When they're on the counter, they could get on my clothes! (Where's the wash cloth?) It's irritating to see a crumb, for crying out loud just wipe it.

Creepy Crawlies

I won't turn the porch light on in the summer for the very reason that bugs congregate by the light. I know I'm much bigger than them but I don't want them to get on me and avoid the chance. Did I just about die when my baby had the head and body of a big, black cricket in his mouth and cricket legs frantically moved like "Help me"? Yes, I did. If a TV show features bugs I won't watch it.

Reptiles, rodents, and things that slither give me the creeps. They're so unpredictable and fast. At least if a cat is fast I know it won't eat me; reptiles, rodents, and snakes? I'm not so sure.

February 2015