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2024 4

April 1
Entering the World of BMW!

March 1
Jesus Is Risen

January 2
God Is With Us
Knowing Jesus

2023 8
September 2
A Good Leader
Nephi, My Friend
Exactly Fifteen Years Ago Today

August 2
Good Rabbit Holes
The Worth of Souls

April 2
Pain, Following Up

March 1
The Desert

January 1
I Learned

2022 36
December 2
Holding the Reins and Steering My Life
My Reflection Shows My Faith

November 1
If Saturday Was Like Christmas

October 1
My Jesus or Your Jesus?

September 4
Facing My Trials
Sore Trials
Don’t Be Afraid
Diamond in the Rough

August 1

July 2
Live in Your Truth
Lumbar Support

June 3
The Inside Out or the Outside In?
My Impression About Possibly Falling
Dreams are Possible!

May 2
Love Your Enemies
We Heeded Them Not

April 6
Stand Up and Lead
More of the Same
The Joy of Springtime
Epiphany: Leaving the Church
Suffering and Compassion

March 2
Be Strong and Don’t Quit
Me and My Lord

February 6
There Could Not be a Happier People
Centering Myself Spiritually
Likening Nephi’s Psalm to Me
Love Not Hate
Perfect in Christ

January 6
Building My Life on a Solid Foundation
Caught Away in the Spirit of the Lord
Accepting it and Not Feeling Bad
Have Faith and Believe in Dreams
Faith Precedes the Miracle
Climb Every Mountain

2021 92
December 2
My Life Is Up to Me
A Hopeful Message

November 9
Gravitating Toward Christ
Uplifted at Church
I Want Jesus to Walk With Me
Mood Stages in 2009, Revisited in 2021
The Rich Need Jesus, Too
Keep Believing and Trusting
God’s Love
It’s For…me?
Make Time for the Lord

October 9
Faith Is the Beginning
God’s Goodness. His Generosity and Compassion. His Grace.
Happy Anniversary!
The Atonement of Jesus Christ
My Blank Canvas
The Heart
There’s Always the Possibility for Change
Stepping Away

September 6
Overcoming My Trials with Faith
Sit There and Look Pretty
I Want to Live!
Complete Peace
My Testimony Today (Sept 5, 2021)
My Focus

August 5
Mental Health
Slow Down
Doer or Complainer?
Personal Revelation

July 15
100% Faith
A “Consider the Lilies” Moment
New Reality in Trials
Faith to Move Mountains
FAITH in the Lord is TRUSTING Him
Take Time to Reflect
Take Time to Be Holy
A Gaelic Blessing to You
Refocusing: Calming Anxiety
The Center
Reaching the End
My Closet: Out with the Old, In with the New
Acknowledging Divine Grace
He Asks Us to Believe

June 6
To My Girls
Recommended to the Lord
Lukewarm or Awesome Church?
Redirecting My Unhealthy Thought
Learning, Growing and Improving
True Focus

May 6
Think About It
Jesus Christ: Firstborn Son
Overcoming Addictions, Weaknesses and Sins
Increase Your Faith
God Loved Us, So He Sent His Son

April 9
Choosing the Feeling of Happiness
All They That Mourn
Armed with the Power of the Lord
The Desert will Blossom, II
The Desert will Blossom
My Testimony of Belief
My Lord, My God and My King
Stepping Back

March 6
The Ministry of Angels
Choosing to Rise
Focus Determines Feelings
Old and New, Revisited
Mastering My Feelings

February 9
Reaching for Perfection
Letting Go of Familiarity
In His Own Time
The Best
I am the Desert
That Bright Light
Patient, but Ready
Old and New
Deep Peace

January 10
Speaking My Language
Miracles Abound
Beautiful Statements
#tbt – The Young Me
#tbt – A Poem from Long Ago (My Poetry)
Focusing in Unfortunate Times
Wordsmith (My Poetry)

2020 70
December 6
The Lord’s Hand in My Life
A Higher, Holier Way
A New Normal: Virtual Happenings
Losing My Life for His Sake
NOT Alone
Trials and Blessings

November 7
Doing Good
Paper or Electronic Technology?
His Grace is Enough
Believe in Christ
I Love People
Maintaining My Standards
Testimony Meeting

October 7
Focus on What You CAN Do not What You Can’t
Power of the Light of Christ
Ready for Church
Improved by Sitting
The Blessing of Jesus Christ
Words from the Lord’s Prophet in October 2020

September 7
Live Regular Life AND Be Spiritual
The Ups and Downs of My Life with MS
True Followers of Jesus Christ
Stirred Up
With God Nothing is Impossible
The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ
Burdens Made Light

August 9
Overcoming the World
Beautiful Journal Entry
Home Church: Week Two
My Sacred Moment: Home Church
Technology is Such a Blessing!
Even What I Love
Perfect in Christ

July 8
Faith, Trust and Acting on Impressions
I Will Go and Do
Making the Most of Life
Side Note: It’s Personal
Choices – Not Associations – Show What’s in My Heart
Content and Patient
And Yet They Had Hope
Above the Clouds

June 4
His Grace is Sufficient
Loving Us All
My Heart
A New Time of Peace

May 6
Connecting with My Sisters
Lord, Save Me
Here a Little and There a Little

April 6
Following Personal Inspiration
God is Always There
Music, an Important Part of My Life
I Stand All Amazed
Celebrating an Accomplishment of MS
Good Things to Come

March 4
My Response to Coronavirus COVID-19
Knowing God’s Love
Physical Scriptures
I Will Seek the Lord

February 2
A Powerful Invitation
From Faith to Perfect Knowledge

January 8
Pure Faith
Be Prepared
After Repenting
Truth vs. Lies
Succor (comfort), Counsel and Peace
Key to Improving
Happy New Year!

2019 59
December 7
A Wonderful Celebration
All Things Safely Gathered In
Seeing Miracles in My Life
Trap of Defeat: Thinking of Myself
Trap of Defeat: Then Don’t
Pain or Joy
Music, Good Music

November 5
A Beautiful Day
President Nelson’s Oct 2019 Counsel to Women
Try, Try Again

October 7
No Limits
Sunday, a Special Day
Focusing on What I Want
Continually Becoming
Faith is Bigger than Fear
Many Spiritual Things are Known
Complete Faith and Trust

September 5
Counsel From On High
Super Achievers
Knowing the Truth
My Forever Friend

August 8
Journal Entry *My Heart*
Fairest in All the Land
The Question
Following Impressions
Holiness Exemplified
Look to God and Live
Broken Things to Mend
Stand in Holy Places

July 9
Dream: Helpful
Dream: His Design
Improving Line Upon Line
Loving Jesus
The Divine Gift of Gratitude
Dream: Declaring It
Epiphany About Turning Our Hearts
Holiness of God’s People

June 4
My New Task
Peace Be Unto Thy Soul
The Greatest Commandments
The Lord Knows My Heart

May 5
Sculpting and Finishing Work
Loving and Letting Go
Unending Attempts
Sister to Sister
Hard Times Show My Strength

April 11
Dream: It’s Free
Dream: So Happy
Doing What I Can is a Big Deal!
Happy Easter!
My Special Love
The Best Invitation
Blood is Thicker Than Water
Everlasting Joy
Too Spiritual?
General Conference

March 2
White as Snow
House of Israel

January 1
Only Listen to the Lord

2018 40
December 7
Come, Follow Me
Whisperings of the Spirit
R & R
Peace in Christ
Strong Women
Behold the Man!

November 1
Easy on Myself

October 4
Trust, Then Act

September 5
Foundations for Success
The Lord will Redeem His People
Fifty Years?
Patience II

August 2
The Ultimate Cost
Last Night’s Dream: It’s All Perspective

July 3
Slowing Down
Best Chapter in the Scriptures
God’s Prophet

June 4
No Doubt in My Mind
Time for a Reminder
Mormon or Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?

May 5
MS-The Perfect Trial for Me
Be One
My Words
Just a Mom

April 2
Spirituality but Not Religion?
Favorite Day of the Year

March 3
Complete Trust
Women Today

February 1
Inspired Speakers

January 3
Lovely Life

2017 44
December 4
Spelling it Out
The Lord’s Way

November 4
Last Night’s Dream
So Very Grateful
Reflecting and Learning from My Life
The Living Prophet-President Thomas S. Monson

October 6
Ten Thousand Hours
Side Note: Speaking for Myself
What I Believe (Religiously)
Eternal Life
Becoming Zion – the Pure in Heart

September 9
A Sea of Glass
Trusting Feelings
I’d Rather be at Work
Alma: My Teacher and My Friend
Everyone Needs the Lord
Likening the Scriptures
Transparent and Nothing to Hide
My Testimony Today

August 2
Experiencing and Growing
He Helps Me

July 5
True Friends
We All Need a Reminder
Blessed be the Name of the Lord
Every Knee Shall Bow

June 1
Led to Something Good

April 1
Easter Sunday

March 5
Feeling Happy
Marriage of the King’s Son
The Kingdom of Heaven

February 1

January 6
Our Progression
When You Know It Say It
Thank You
Worldly Philosophy or Truth
Protector and Forever Friend

2016 17
December 1
Leaving it in His Hands

November 1
America the Beautiful

October 1
My New Life Chapter

September 1
The Best Me

August 2
Meditating and Quieting the Mind

July 3
Goodness is Goodness
Everyone is Handicapped in Some Way

June 2
Trusting Him
Lord of the Sabbath

May 2
We’re Moving
Fast Sunday

April 1
Beauty and Gratitude

March 1

February 2
Who I Am, My Value

2015 27
December 1
I Love Being a Woman

November 2
I’m Thankful
Go Help Her

October 5
In the World but Not of It
Getting Off of Auto-Pilot
It Has Helped Me SO Much
The Last Days are Now
Focus Only On the Good

June 1
Inspirational People

May 1
Things Change

April 9
Being My Higher Self
Tempted Only When Needing to Choose
Real, Not Fake
Dividing My Action Plan
He Is Risen
Narrowing My ‘To-Do’ List
Change Your Life and Everything Changes

March 8
Deep at the Center of My Being
Honoring Having Trials
What Needs to Happen
Do What It Takes
Working Outside the Home
Reality Check
Change Refreshes
My First Post