Depression Can be Overcome

I’ve had depression and know the feeling of hopelessness. All I can say is my experience and that my depression didn’t change until I wanted it to change and then did things to help myself.

To me, depression is like being stuck in the mud. I’m stuck and some things I do aren’t helpful but when I help myself things can change. Here are some changes I made:

  • Wanted to change and did things to help myself. (I wanted to be brave and face my mountain rather than have people pity me.)
  • Changed my sad and bad thoughts to valuable thoughts. (Sometimes my mind needed a do-over. Eerk! Start again.)
  • Didn’t let myself go down rabbit holes and stay depressed or become depressed even more. (I truly wanted that black cloud hovering over me to go away.)
  • Told myself many truths, like “I’m good” not I suck, by giving myself good pep-talks and pumping myself up. (I didn’t just say words but truly believed them.)
  • Kind to myself and acknowledged positive things about me. (No ones’s perfect, everyone has flaws. Perfection doesn’t matter but trying and giving it my best shot.)
  • Changed sad songs to nice ones.
  • Hung out with people who made me feel good. (It’s been said that the biggest influence to everyone are the people they’re around. I dared being free rather than staying stuck for others.)

Managing depression is like holding on to a tree branch and everything I do to help myself is like reaching a little further and pulling myself up a little more out of the mud. We all go through things.

Have resolve. Say, “This will NOT defeat me!” Then DO what it takes.

Be strong! Help yourself!

Honestly look for the good in you (because it’s there.) Say, “I’m a good person!” and believe it.

Say the truth and ask, “Is that true?” Then listen to your heart.

Think about it. Mill it around. Do something about it.

March 2021