Sometimes I’m good at knowing the right words to say to seem like I’ve got it together when really I’m stuck in my wilderness. What good is being a martyr and a victim to my natural instincts when it only numbs my feelings and causes me to lash out like a viper and shun with unkindness?

After I do what I’ll regret I come to myself and wonder why people retreat-not realizing it’s because of my actions. The truth hurts my tender feelings and so in order to feel safe I might avoid the truth and escape into a fantasy world through TV, movies, novels, video games, drugs, inappropriate behavior and social media but escaping only lasts for a while. What remedy lasts forever?

Remedy: *Strength; *Truth; *Improved self-worth.

The remedy causes me to:

  • Think good things about myself
  • Try to improve
  • Embrace good and ignore bad
  • Know I’m included
  • Believe that promises include me
  • Realize I deserve it

How I feel about myself is how I treat others. I hope for the best but when I haven’t overcome my natural instincts sometimes they kick in and, for a moment, I become my lower self. The remedy heals.

November 5, 2019