Sometimes we’re good at knowing the right words to say to seem like we’ve got it together when really we’re stuck in our wilderness. What good is being a martyr and a victim to our natural instincts when it only numbs our feelings and causes us to lash out like a viper and shun with unkindness?

After we do what we’ll regret we come to ourselves and wonder why people retreat-not realizing it’s because of our actions. The truth hurts our tender feelings and so in order to feel safe we might avoid the truth and escape into a fantasy world through TV, movies, novels, video games, drugs, inappropriate behavior and social media but escaping only lasts for a while. What remedy lasts forever?

Remedy: *Strength; *Truth; *Improved self-worth.

The remedy causes us to:

  • Think good things about ourselves
  • Try to improve
  • Embrace good and ignore bad
  • Know we’re included
  • Believe that promises include us
  • Realize we deserve it

How we feel about ourselves is how we treat others. We hope for the best but when we haven’t overcome our natural instincts sometimes they kick in and, for a moment, we become our lower selves. The remedy heals.