Overcoming Hard Things

The worst thing I can do is anything that numbs my feelings because then I’m not able to discern my internal guide. The negative things in life entice me to do whatever is easiest and that usually means being my carnal, basic self. Taking the low road and avoiding challenges leads to doing things that numb my feelings like:

  • Pornography
  • Drugs and Alcohol
  • Medications (Prozac, Zoloft, Opioids, CBD)

Numbing my senses only lasts for a while but if I do it a lot I become addicted to what numbs me, and then my addiction controls my life. Numbing my feelings to avoid challenges isn’t the idea but courageously facing and overcoming them. Life isn’t fair. Sometimes things hurt, are unfortunate, are wrong, don’t help, and let me down, but somehow facing challenges courageously makes me strong.

The opposite of my carnal self is my best self and I have the ability to rise above what drags me down to lift myself up. I can do good things, have courage and bravely face what hurts, scares, torments, and causes me pain because I have the power within me to overcome.

When facing challenges instead of avoiding them my action says, “You no longer control me”, and I take back my life. My pep talk to myself is, “You’re worth it. Rise above the mediocre and have the best because you deserve good things. Be strong – you can do it!

September 21, 2019