The Land of Possibilities

Go to the land of possibilities. Be surrounded by elevated thinking. Lift yourself up. Take the next step. You belong there.” My pep talk to myself spurs me on to reach higher and keep going. Being in nice places feels good. I deserve good things when I work to have them, therefore I do what it takes and have no regrets.

I know that my goals will more likely be accomplished when encouraging people surround me. Excluding people doesn’t help because everyone’s either kind or not and it’s up to me to discern between the two and determine my life. I know what I want so why get off track? (Let’s face it, I’m not perfect and sometimes get sidetracked! But…when I do get off track I get back on after realizing it!)

Who’s in the land of possibilities? Anyone who chooses being there.

Where is it? It’s in my frame of mind.

I wonder, Am I mentally in a place that lifts me up or pulls me down? Do I do what it takes to accomplish what I want? I encourage myself by saying, “Dare to be your best self and do all you can to have what you want.”