Happiness and Good Deeds

When feeling happy I have the assurance that goodness is there. I do things and go to places where I feel happy, and somehow it sustains and lifts me up to be better, strive, endure hard things and keep going. When I feel happy somehow I have the courage to be my higher self, stand for my beliefs, see things through and keep my promises.

Desiring goodness means wanting to feel happy as much as possible. Many things cause me to feel happy including hearing good music, listening to inspired speakers and being in good places. I’ve felt good many times throughout my life and especially remember the many times of me sitting at my piano (playing and singing), my heart swelling with peace and me feeling happy.

Goodness also inspires me to do good things for others. How many times have I done something good for someone and felt happy? Good deeds are inspired. I think of the many times throughout my life of feeling to sing for someone and then singing for them and feeling glad, or several times making things for people and when giving it to them having warm feelings in my heart. Goodness leads to good things.

I say, “Do good things for others and strive to feel happy.” Why not?