Consciously Aware

It’s all about being consciously aware of ourselves and doing things on purpose.

  • With what I know right now who am I?

Many of us live every day of our lives on auto-pilot without knowing why. There’s nothing wrong with asking questions (Do I believe that? Do I want to continue thinking that? Is that how I really feel? Is that helping me? What if?) for in answering the questions we know ourselves. Answering personal questions honestly is identifying ourselves beyond saying, “I feel something but don’t know what it is.”

Moving forward in life is being aware of ourselves (what we believe, think, feel, say and do), and then deciding what to do next, and then doing it.

  • Does life control me or do I control my life?
  • Am I in charge of me or do other people, or situations, or media, or public opinion, or what’s popular, or the majority, or peer pressure, or habits, or addictions, or weaknesses, or urges, or beliefs-thoughts-feelings determine what I do?

Dare to ask questions, learn, and act on the answers.

May 11, 2019