Never Ending Hope

I want to accomplish and have my dreams and know they’ll happen when I do what it takes to achieve them.

Here’s what I do to accomplish my goals:

* When daydreaming about what I want I formulate plans in my mind to get them.
* I write my goals down to remember them.
* I remind myself to work on them.
* If they seem too difficult, I slow down and take it one step at a time; maybe I break them down further until each task seems doable.
* I remember, “Slow and steady wins the race; it’s not about speed but consistency; it doesn’t matter when I get there but that I do.
* I focus (put my blinders on); it’s about me and my goal not about what anyone else thinks.
* I believe that I will achieve them.
* I keep going and do what it takes.

“LEARN from yesterday, LIVE for today, HOPE for tomorrow.”

May 11, 2019