Second Chances

I wonder:

  • If they say I made a mistake am I forever punished?
  • Is my life determined by my mistakes?
  • If I’m (supposedly) perfect am I accepted?
  • Am I accepted when I do “wrong”?
  • Is it okay to judge others?
  • Is anyone perfect?

(The above questions require honesty in order to know the answers.)

Then I wonder:

  • What if I only focused on improving myself?
  • What if I realized everyone had faults?
  • What if there were second chances?

There are second chances and they let me move forward and make something of my life instead of staying the same and being forever punished. When I make mistakes second chances let me try again.

Everyone has the ability to improve no matter what they did in their past. I can’t change the past and I don’t know the future so all I can do is something right now. “The past is history, the future is a mystery, and today is a gift-that’s why it’s called the present!” My life isn’t determined by my circumstances but only by my choices, and each experience improves me.

Consider a wounded arm and how over time it heals and returns to normal. It’s like forgiveness-a second chance-a do-over, sometimes I make mistakes and want to say, “Wait a minute, rewind, start again!” My mistakes wound me but over time the second chances make me whole and improved.

Think of a sand dollar shell that became a fossil rock. The shell was fragile but the rock made it strong. Everything in life teaches and experiences strengthen weakness. Mistakes strengthen me when I learn from them, and thankfully second chances improve me and let me try again.

March 5, 2019