Direct Life

I experience things and from my experiences decide how I’ll be or what I’ll do. Astronomy, tarot cards, fortune tellers, horoscopes and Asian cookies seem to have a lot of clout. Is the thought, “If they said it then it must be true”?

I believe that nothing dictates my future but me, by my choices. I’m in control of my life not the alignment of planets and stars, random cards, numbers on a specific date, or anything else; they might suggest things but I choose.

I do everything in my power to get what I want (including pray about it) and then have faith, hope and trust, knowing that if it’s meant to be it will happen.

I don’t believe my life is directed by fate or chance but by setting goals, planning and working to achieve them. The idea that “Whatever happens to me is supposed to happen” is like waves on the sea that are driven by the wind and tossed. Every experience teaches a lesson but I must choose learning. With all my heart I say to myself, “Don’t give away your power to random circumstances but direct your life!

March 5, 2019