Sister to Sister

I just watched the rebroadcast of the Sister to Sister panel discussion of women leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from BYU Women’s Conference. They were General Presidents from the Primary (Sister Joy Jones), Young Women (Sister Bonnie Cordon), and Relief Society (Sister Jean Bingham) auxiliaries who answered a few submitted questions from women members of The Church throughout the world.

I’m so very grateful that this broadcast showed me the personalities of these three women so I could sustain them in their callings. The broadcast was a great blessing to me because I saw three spiritual people. Words can’t adequately express the depth of my gratitude in how this broadcast helped me; it truly was a tender mercy from the Lord for me to leave my trouble on the alter and come to Him with full purpose of heart-to let my concern go, trust that everything is alright and have peace. The spirit was very strongly felt from the beginning of the broadcast and I know that the discussion was meant to be.

Two things I learned from this broadcast were:

  1. Each question was answered with hope.
  2. Hope seeks Jesus, seeks guidance from the Holy Ghost, and seeks strength from the scriptures.