Doing What I Can Is a Big Deal!!

The simple task of emptying just two little bathroom garbage cans and putting in new garbage bags exhausts me to the point of tears from being hot. I feel disappointed that I can’t do more! My heart is pounding profusely as I sit here in my chair but I’m stronger now because I’m holding back my tears. (Yay, me!) Even ten years later I still feel disappointed and frustrated by my lack of abilities but time has helped me recognize when my limit is reached and experiences have taught me to be kind to myself, so I take a break by sitting here and cooling down!

Looking back over my life before having MS makes me appreciate how much housework I did (on top of being a wife & mom, working full-time, serving when the occasion arose and being especially active in my ward.) I tried very much to keep my house organized and clean and remember wearing work clothes, being on my hands and knees, and sweating. I loved to accomplish a task from beginning to end because it was very satisfying. To this day I love to clean and organize and wish I could do it in great detail!

Back before having MS if someone tried to give me credit for working hard I would have shrugged it off like, “Meh, it’s no big deal. It has to be done so I do what it takes.” But I look at abilities differently now and each talent I have is a big deal! I was a superstar in everything I did and give myself credit now for all the praise I wouldn’t accept back then. I’m here to say, “What we do is a big deal-both large tasks and small!